Fear Farm Dusk. The grey time, in between the reality of day and the unknown of night. A time when what you imagine can become real, and what is real must be imagined. Your mind fills in what your eye cannot see. In a cornfield, you can look above and see all that surrounds you, but if you look below, you cannot even tell what might be a few feet in front of you. The stalks surround you. You hear a noise, and forget for a moment that it might just be the wind, You run like the wind, the leaves of the cornstalks hit against the side of your face, the edges cutting ever so slightly into your skin. As long as you make it out of the cornfield, you will be alright. It’s the cornfield that drives your mind into terror.


Address: 2209 N. 99th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85037

Phone: 602-344-9615