Night Terrors Haunted Farm

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Night Terrors Haunted Farm
4193 Route 7, Schoharie, NY 12157


Night Terrors Haunted Farm

Night Terrors

The sun sets on NIGHT TERRORS, streaking blood-red across the sky. From his perch in the cornfield he hangs, watching everything through stitched burlap eyes.

For years he has been trapped, tied to the stake where he has been forced to guard the crops. But now the rooted evil that’s spread over the farm has cut his strings, freeing him. He has been given a new purpose and a new master.

The Harvester opened his eyes, awakening his fiendish hunger for your tormented screams. Together they gather victims to feed the insatiable tree. With every soul that’s devoured the gateway widens, unleashing a beastly evil from the realm of  NIGHTTERRORS to infect our world.

With his rancid flock by his side he stalks the night.Quietly.

All that see him will know fear. He is “ROTTSTITCH.”